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Black Leaders and Administrators Consortium, Inc.

Our mission is to promote and advocate for the career progression of Black leaders by providing training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.  Which in turn will increase the number of Black leaders, the social capital of Black leaders, and create a community through which Black leaders can share best practices.

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The idea for BLAC came from Dr. Hill's dissertation recommendations.  His dissertation study focused on the career paths of White and Black Superintendents.  What he learned was that Black administrators did not become Superintendents; but not for the lack of trying.  Too often Black administrators lacked the relationships with those he dubbed as "Shotcallers" (those holding power) and accordingly did not get the "hookups" (career opportunities) or "schooling" (knowledge of norms needed for career progression) their White colleagues received.  Hill recommended the creation of a professional affinity group whose purpose would be to assist Black leaders in their professional growth and career progression, via trainings and networking opportunities with those controlling access to the opportunities.


BLAC will be the premier organization that promotes and advocates for the professional development and career progression of Black leaders.


Who We Are

We are an organization dedicated to the career advancement and recognition of Black administrators and leaders, as well aspiring administrators.   Through professional development and networking opportunities we are creating a pool of talented and well prepared Black leaders. We are a 501(c)3 organization.


What We Do

BLAC is committed to advancing the careers and contributions of Black leaders and preparing the next generation of leaders through professional development programming, leadership development, networking opportunities, and other professional growth activities.  Our programs and initiatives connect, convene, and support Black leaders in their professional growth.


Potential Members

BLAC members have access to a powerful network of Black leaders, and career enhancing professional development.  BLAC members benefit from formal and informal networking and executive development opportunities.  Members also benefit from belonging to a group of supportive and dedicated administrators and leaders, who are committed to their success.



Terrell Hill, PhD

Founder & President

Roszena Haskins, Ed.D. Founding Officer.

Roszena Haskins, Ed.D.

Founding Officer

Samuel Galloway, Ed.D. Founding Officer.

Samuel Galloway, Ed.D.

Vice President

Santosha Oliver, PhD Founding

Santosha Oliver, PhD

Founding Officer


Kitsia Feruson, PhD

Current Secretary




Current Treasurer

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